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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been seen in only a handful of games since Kinect's launch. For the uninformed, augmented reality is where a streaming video feed of reality—namely you and sometimes your living room, your dog, and other people or objects that are within the viewable area—are mixed with computer animated objects to combine both worlds that can be viewed on the TV. Your Shape Fitness Evolved, Rabbids: Alive & Kicking, and Fantastic Pets have done pretty good jobs at making augmented reality fun.

  • Your Shape Fitness Evolved has some mini games included, one of which is an addictive Tetris style of game in which you must stand with your elbows bent, arms in front of you, and your palms facing up as if you were holding a sheet of wood with both hands supporting it underneath. The game augments you onto the TV to see yourself holding this virtual plank in 2D space. As the game starts, simple shapes of squares, triangles, and circles slowly fall from the sky for you to catch with the virtual plank you are holding. As more shapes fall, you will stack them for more points. The floor to the left and right of you will open up at random times, and you must tilt the virtual plank to dump the stacked shapes into the open floor. Any shapes that don't make it into the open door, or if they fall on the ground will not be counted in the points total.
  • Rabbids: Alive & Kicking and Fantastic Pets use augmentation to show your entire living room and augment their respective game characters into it for viewing on the TV, allowing you to pet, kick, smash, and have other interactions with them. Both games have various mini games.
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