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  1. Really Bad Mistakes to Avoid (the 'Don'ts')
  2. Always Follow These Rules for Success (the 'Dos')
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From the author of Always Follow These Rules for Success (the 'Dos')

Always Follow These Rules for Success (the 'Dos')

The most important "do" of all is one you're already contemplating: Do use social media to reach your audience. Businesses that choose to ignore the potential of social media are wasting valuable opportunities to find new customers and solidify their brands through the advocacy of long-time users. Try these techniques to maximize return on what may be a truly minimal investment.

  • Do adopt a holistic approach to social media promotion through CPP. As mentioned earlier, this approach doesn't mean blanket-posting the same content everywhere; instead, you should spread each brand message consistently across all of your chosen platforms. With this principle in mind, it's time to implement a simple but extremely valuable CPP editorial calendar. If you've read Zero to 100,000, you'll already have a great editorial calendar in place for your blog, so be sure to use it as a foundation for other platform content.
  • Your CPP editorial calendar is where you can plan content over a set period of time. It should be geared around offers, incentives, audience adoption (posts of interest), and after-sales experience—tailoring each post individually to best fit each platform. Planning the editorial calendar sounds time-consuming, but once you come to understand each platform's voice, it will become a godsend, ensuring that all the platforms work in harmony and spread your brand message with maximum impact.

  • Do monitor your CPP efforts. Use carefully chosen and implemented listening tools such as Google Alerts, Sprout Social, or Radian6. Be sure to follow up with responses, further suggestions, or just a simple "Thank you!" Remember that although "content is king," engagement has equal reign over the social media monarchy.
  • Do use your brand ambassadors to continue spreading your brand message around the clock. Your brand ambassadors are those loyal followers who just can't get enough of your online content; they're the first to retweet, comment, and share your messages to their thousands of connections. Above all, they make social media an incredibly powerful promotional tool, and they should never be taken for granted or devalued in any way. Through their support, your CPP content will be blasted to thousands (potentially millions) of other eager listeners; over time, and with careful tending, those others will become part of your growing army of brand ambassadors—the jewels in the crown of your social media success.


So what have we learned about cross-platform promotion? In a nutshell, the message to remember is simple: "Use it, but don't abuse it!" When you follow the dos and don'ts that I've listed here, CPP really can be your conquering hero in a crowded new virtual universe, enabling your brand to shine as one of its brightest stars.

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