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Facebook Is Better. Twitter Is Better. LinkedIn Is for Business.

In the first few weeks of Google+, what I saw more than anything else when I started proclaiming how I felt this would be a powerful new social networking tool (and also important to business) was something along these lines: “All my friends are on Facebook, so there’s no way Google+ can become the next big social network.”

For a lot of people, that’s true now. But as I’ve said earlier and will say often, it was also true that everybody was on AOL back in the ’80s. Systems change. Networks change. You’re not still rocking your fax marketing program, are you?

Twitter is excellent at providing rapid, real-time information. It’s a great source for news people (who have reported repeatedly that Google+ doesn’t give them the same benefits as Twitter does). There’s a place and a value for Twitter.

LinkedIn is a great business networking tool. Facebook is wonderful for connecting with people. But as mentioned throughout this book, there are reasons why Google+ trumps them for potential business building—at least for most users.

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