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Installing From Source

Download the actual source from ftp.postgresq.org/pub/postgresql-x.x.x.tar.gz (replacing x.x.x with the version; during the writing of this article, version 7.0 is stable and 7.1 is in development). You can use any method you like: Netscape, ncftp, wget, or whatever you are most comfortable with. The file is approximately 7.5 Mb.

While downloading, save the file in /usr/src/pgsql, or move it there after it is finished downloading.

Once this is done, we're ready to dig our hands into some Unix. You will have to uncompress the file; this task is something that will become familiar as long as you continue to use Unix.

euphoria:~$ cd /usr/src/pgsql
euphoria:/usr/src/pgsql$ tar zxf postgresql-7.0.tar.gz 
euphoria:/usr/src/pgsql$ ls
postgresql-7.0        postgresql-7.0.tar.gz

You will hear your hard drive whirl as it does its magic. As you can see, it has created a postgresql-7.0 directory. If you would like to see a more verbose output, use tar zxvf postgresql-7.0.tar.gz.

There are quite a few options that can be configured into PostgreSQL. The full description is available in the docs. For now we'll just do a basic install:

euphoria:/usr/src/pgsql$ cd postgresql-7.0/src/
euphoria:/usr/src/pgsql/postgresql-7.0/src$ ./configure 

The configuration step took about 1 minute on my test machine. If you have problems, people will often tell you to RTFM (read the fantastic manual), so installing the manual is a good idea. This is a very simple process.

euphoria:/usr/src/pgsql/postgresql-7.0/src$ cd /usr/src/pgsql/postgresql-7.0/doc/
euphoria:/usr/src/pgsql/postgresql-7.0/doc$ gmake install
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