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PostgreSQL Installation Caveats

Many people ask me how to install PostgreSQL for their particular operating system. Specifically, they ask whether to use an RPM for RedHat, or a deb file for Debian, or ports for FreeBSD. I usually answer "Use the source ™". This article will explain how to get PostgreSQL up and running from scratch.

My operating environment is FreeBSD 3.4 stable (Pentium 166, 64 Mb of RAM). I chose this operating system because the file system structure, config files, and init files are very clean and straightforward. FreeBSD is also under the BSD License and is a direct descendant of the 4.4 BSD Lite code. It also runs Hotmail and Yahoo.

These instructions assume a small amount of Unix/Linux experience and should be quite constant across most platforms. The installation process is also very basic. It is designed to get you up and running quickly. For more advanced features, please refer to the official PostgreSQL documentation set, or the mailing lists .

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