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Other Specialized Apps for Online Social Networking

Although you could opt to use their respective "official" apps to connect to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other popular online services, in the App Store you'll find many third-party apps (not all of which are free) that allow you to interact with these and other popular online social networking services, and utilize features often not offered by the official apps.

When you visit the App Store, tap the Categories option and then select Social Networking to see a complete list of available apps that can somehow be used to interact with services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You'll find literally thousands of iPhone-specific, iPad-specific, and hybrid apps to choose from.

LinkedIn, for example, is a popular online social networking site that caters specifically to business professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, and small-business operators. The primary focus of this service is on professional networking.

Setting up a LinkedIn account is free, as is downloading and using the official LinkedIn hybrid iPhone/iPad app. However, from the App Store, you'll also find third-party apps, like the iPad-specific LinkPad Pro ($4.99), which also allows you to manage your LinkedIn account.

MyPad+ for Facebook and Twitter

This third-party app ($ .99) offers an iPhone- or iPad-specific version. It offers functionality for using a single app to manage both your Facebook and your Twitter accounts. It also offers functionality available from Facebook and Twitter that are not included in the official iPhone/iPad apps related to these services. MyPad+ integrates nicely with other iOS features, like your device's built-in cameras and the Photos, Calendar and Contacts apps.


If you're active on multiple online social networking sites, this hybrid iPhone/iPad app ($1.99) allows you to compose and send a single post but have it simultaneously get published to all of your accounts. It supports Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, WordPress, Blogger, LinkedIn, and dozens of others.

When composing a message, you can easily attach a photo or web URL, and the app will shrink the size of the related URL(s) automatically as needed. The app also integrates with the Photos and Maps app, so you can share photos taken or stored on your iOS device and/or share your exact location with others. Pingle also maintains an archive of all messages you've sent from the app.

The Pingle app is a real timesaver if you want to keep all your online social networking accounts up-to-date, without having to constantly post separate messages or updates to each account.


Twitterific is also a hybrid iPhone/iPad-specific app. It’s used for managing one or more Twitter accounts. The basic Twitterific app is free. However, you can upgrade to a premium (ad-free) version for $4.99.

One nice feature of this app is that your Twitter feed will be color-coded, so you can easily differentiate between tweets you've sent, tweets you've responded to, other people's tweets, tweets that have been re-tweeted, and responses to your tweets.

Twitterific also enables you to find, follow, un-follow, or block users easily; create and save searches; track trending topics; and attach a photo, your location, or website URLs to your tweets as you compose them.

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