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Option #2: The iCloud Backup Method

If you've set up an iCloud account, you can use the iCloud Backup feature to create and maintain a wireless backup of your iPhone or iPad from any Wi-Fi Internet connection. By default, iCloud Backup will automatically create a backup of your iOS device every day and then store the backup files online, within your iCloud account. This makes them accessible from almost anywhere. You can also initiate a manual iCloud Backup anytime from within the Settings app.

The benefit of using iCloud Backup is that it's a wireless process. The backup files are stored on the Internet, not on your primary computer. Thus, if you need to perform a Restore From iCloud Backup, it can be done from almost anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection, even if you're traveling.

The drawback of this backup option is that in addition to requiring a Wi-Fi Internet connection, your iPhone or iPad also needs to be connected to an external power source for the backup process to initiate. If you forget to leave the Wi-Fi feature of your iOS device turned on or you don't plug it in, an automatic daily backup will not be created.

Once you set up iCloud Backup, it becomes your primary backup method. As a result, if you connect your iOS device to your primary computer (to perform an iTunes Sync), it will not work unless you first turn off the iCloud Backup feature on your device.

To turn iCloud Backup on or off—and determine exactly when the last successful backup was created—launch the Settings app from the Home Screen and then select the iCloud option from the main Settings menu.

Near the bottom of the iCloud menu within Settings, tap the Storage & Backup option. Then, near the bottom of the Storage & Backup menu screen, tap the virtual switch that's associated with the iCloud Backup option. This will turn the iCloud Backup feature on or off. Displayed near the bottom of this screen is the date and time of the last successful iCloud Backup.

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