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This chapter is from the book


The workshop contains quiz questions to help you process what you’ve learned in this chapter. Try to answer all the questions before you read the answers. See Appendix A, “Answers to Quizzes,” for answers.


  1. Who decided to initiate HTML5 and why?
  2. What is the first line in an HTML5 document?
  3. Why is HTML5 so well suited to mobile application development?


  1. Create an HTML5 page. Your page should have a title, headline, and at least two or three paragraphs of text in it as well as the HTML5 doctype. Hour 3, “Styling Mobile Pages with CSS3,” covers more about how to use CSS for styling the layout and look of your page.
  2. Start planning your mobile website. List the content that you have that is particularly well suited to mobile users. List the content you need to create for mobile and non-mobile users. Ask yourself whether you have the resources to maintain a completely separate mobile site or whether you are going to use a content management system to maintain it.
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