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Agile MDA

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[1] For more information on this usage for bridges, see Executable UML: A Foundation for Model-Driven Architecture, Mellor and Balcer, Addison-Wesley, 2003, Chapter 17: Multiple Domains, and Chapter 18: Model Compilers.

[2] For a description of MDA in general, see MDA Distilled: Principles of Model-Driven Development, Mellor, Scott, Uhl and Weise, Addison-Wesley, 2004. This paper was derived from Chapter 10 and from [3].

[3] Agile MDA, Mellor and Wolfe, 2005, Addison-Wesley

[4] For information on the Agile Alliance, see its website http://www.aanpo.org. The best-known agile method is XP, for which see Extreme Programming Explained, Beck, Addison-Wesley, 2000.

Figure 2 was conceived by Leon Starr, Model Integration, LLC. San Francisco, CA.

Copyright © 2004 Stephen J. Mellor

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