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Quora: Tightly Targeted Business and Technology Questions

Quora focuses on questions related to business and technology, providing a great opportunity for developing thought leadership and enhancing your professional reputation. Figure 1 shows a sample question on Quora.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Ask intelligent business questions on Quora and share them on Twitter or Facebook.

Quora questions tend to be brief and focused, targeting a specific topic such as web marketing, small business, or Android applications. In addition to posting a question on Quora, you can share it on Twitter or Facebook, ask a specific Quora member to answer, or invite someone who isn't on Quora to answer (via email).

Although asking and answering questions is the main focus of Quora, creating a targeted feed that displays on your home page is another Quora benefit. Your feed consists of the people, topics, and questions you follow. When you sign up for Quora through either Twitter or Facebook, you automatically follow anyone you're connected with on that site who is also on Quora. From there, you can follow additional people, topics, and questions-as well as "unfollow" any of your automatic "follows."

Quora also gives you the opportunity to create original posts. Although these posts aren't a substitute for a traditional blog, they do offer a way to get your ideas in front of a large, influential audience. Quora posts should focus on providing valuable insight and information, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership.

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