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Accessing Popular Google+ Features

The Google+ bar gives you quick access to popular Google+ features. When you click your full name or your gravatar (small photo) on the right side of the Google+ bar, a pop-up box opens. Figure 7.9 shows this pop-up box.

Figure 7.9

Figure 7.9 Quickly access popular features.

In this box, you can click the following links:

  • Profile. Open your Google+ profile, described in Lesson 2, “Working with Google+ Profiles.”
  • Circles. Open the Circles page, described in Lesson 3, “Managing Your Network with Circles.”
  • Account Settings. Open the Account Overview page, described in Lesson 4, “Managing Google+ Settings and Privacy.”
  • Privacy. Open the Profile and Privacy page, described in Lesson 4.
  • Switch Account. Open a new menu that enables you to sign in to another account or sign out of all accounts. You must enable multiple sign-ins accounts at https://www.google.com/accounts/MultipleSessions to view this link. See Lesson 4 for more information about multiple sign-ins.
  • Sign Out. Sign out of Google+.
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