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What Follows

Chapter 2 provides a formal introduction to the five steps in the Business Investment RoadmapTM. The chapters that follow discuss each of the five elements in detail. Chapter 3 provides a detailed discussion of preliminary analysis, and is premised on the critical question of whether or not the investment will provide long-term growth and value to your company. Chapter 4 is devoted to the analysis of business impact analysis, where you determine the primary drivers of value in your company. Chapter 5 focuses on risk analysis and stresses the importance of identifying the major risks your investment faces and the development of a risk mitigation plan. Chapter 6 discusses execution analysis, where you determine the who, what, why, where, how, and when needed for an investment, as well as other critical factors that will make the investment successful. Chapter 7 is devoted to ongoing manage-ment, where you monitor progress and take corrective action when, and if needed, to ensure that your investments will result in growing corporate value. Chapter 8 pulls together the discussion in the earlier chapters.

You will find at the end of several of the chapters a section called "Following the Roadmap" that gives more detailed examples of how to apply the Business Investment Roadmap using a sample company. Depending on your specific interests and needs, as well as the time you have available, the sections at the end of the chapters will provide you working examples of the Business Investment Roadmap to use as a template in your company. The sample company in these sections is called Fresh Breeze, a manufacturer and distributor of personal care and household cleaning products. It is a composite based on financial data from similar companies in the industry. The Appendix reviews some elements of accounting and finance that might be of help to you when you apply the Business Investment Roadmap at your company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this book. We know that what follows will be of value to you and your company, and we appreciate any comments and suggestions you can offer as you put the Business Investment Roadmap to work in your company.

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