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Alarm & Timer Application (DROID 3, Pro, X2)

The Clock application is designed to be used as a bedside alarm clock. However unlike a regular alarm clock, the Clock application has some special features. It can display the weather, and it enables you to watch videos or listen to music. The Clock application is very useful, especially when used in conjunction with the optional Desktop Dock.

Navigating the Alarm & Timer Application

There are two ways to launch the Clock application.

  1. Touch the Alarm & Timer icon from the Launcher.
  2. Touch to show the clock and alarm tab.
  3. Touch to use the Timer.
  4. Touch to enable or disable an alarm.
  5. Touch to edit an alarm.
  6. Press the Menu button to reveal options.
  7. Touch to add a new alarm.
  8. Touch to hide the clock and only show the alarms.
  9. Touch to change the settings of the Alarm & Timer app.

Managing Alarms

The Clock application enables you to set multiple alarms. These can be one-time alarms or recurring alarms. Even if you exit the Clock application, the alarms you set still trigger. Whether you are adding a new alarm or editing an existing one, the steps are the same.

  1. Touch to edit an alarm.
  2. Touch to add a new alarm.
  3. Touch to enable or disable the alarm. The line turns green when an alarm is enabled.
  4. Touch to change the name of the alarm. For example you can change it to “Wake Up!”
  5. Touch to set the time the alarm must trigger.
  6. Touch to set the sound the alarm will make when it triggers.
  7. Touch to make your DROID vibrate as well when the alarm triggers.
  8. Touch to choose which days of the week the alarm must trigger. This is useful if you want one alarm to wake you up at a specific time on week days but need another alarm to wake you at a different time on the weekend.
  9. Touch to enable or disable the option of making your DROID continually increase the volume of the alarm until you wake up.
  10. Touch to enable or disable a backup alarm that sounds if you have not woken up from the main alarm after five minutes.
  11. Touch Done.

Overall Alarm Settings

Use the Settings to control how all alarms function.

  1. Press the Menu button and touch Settings.
  2. Touch to enable or disable playing the alarm even if your DROID is in silent mode.
  3. Touch to set the volume for all alarms.
  4. Touch to set the duration of the snooze period. Your choices range between 5 and 30 minutes.
  5. Touch to set how the side buttons behave if you press any of them when the alarm sounds. Your choices are Snooze and Dismiss.

Using the Timer

The Timer function can be useful for keeping track of a period of time, for example if you are cooking.

  1. Touch the Timer tab.
  2. Use the + and – buttons to set how many minutes the timer must run for.
  3. Use the + and – buttons to set how many hours the timer must run for.
  4. Touch Start.
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