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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

...One More Time

“Programming” is largely (but not only) a matter of writing SOURCE CODE. That means, for us, writing Visual C# STATEMENTS and using the functionality provided by the .NET Framework. As you’ll see, the .NET Framework does a lot of the work for us.


Most programmers use an INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT (IDE), that combines a text editor (the bit that lets you type stuff), a compiler (the bit that translates your source code into object code, instructions that can be understood by the computer), a linker (the bit that combines bits of object code into an executable), and other useful tools like testers and visual designers. Like most C# programmers, we’ll be using Microsoft Visual Studio, and we’ll look at all these functions throughout this book.


Once the application is written and compiled into an executable, it operates in a specific RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT. In this book we’ll be developing applications that run under Microsoft Windows, but you should know that C# and Visual Studio can be used to write for several different platforms, including the Web and mobile devices.

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