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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

The Development Process

The application development process begins when somebody needs a computer to do something. That “something” might be a change to an existing piece of software or a completely new system, but most applications are (or should be) developed in response to a need.


The “something” that the application is to do is captured in a SPECIFICATION. A specification can be as simple as a diagram scribbled on a napkin or many volumes of detailed description. It might be “complete” before any code gets written, or it might be developed over the course of the project.


You’ll use the specification to develop the application. In doing so, you’ll choose an effective DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY (the set of steps you’ll perform during development) and be guided by best PRACTICES (rules of thumb that experience has shown result in more efficient and maintainable code). You may also implement design PATTERNS, which are standard solutions to common programming problems.

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