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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Task List


In the rest of this book we’ll go into detail about step three of the development process, writing C# code, and writing it well. But there are three things we need to examine first:

The Development Process


Everything we do fits into the context of the process of a whole, so we need to understand that first.

System Design


We know that the development process begins with an idea that gets translated into a specification that describes how the system is to work. We’ll start, then, by looking at a few tools for capturing the system design.

Creating Executables


The integrated development environment (IDE) provides the tools that translate source code into an executable, a piece of software that a user or another piece of software can execute. We’ll be using Visual Studio to create executables, and before we can make decisions about how to structure an application, we need a little more detail about how that works in the context of the .NET Framework.

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