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Using the Keyboard

GNOME Shell can be manipulated with the keyboard as well as the mouse, so here are some common keyboard commands to get you started.

  • System (Windows) key: Switch between overview and desktop
  • Alt+F1: Switch between overview and desktop
  • Alt+F2: Pop up command dialog
  • Alt+Tab: Cycle between windows
  • Alt+Shift+Tab: Cycle in reverse direction in the window cycler
  • Alt+`: Switch between windows of the same application in Alt+Tab
  • Ctrl+Shift+Alt+R: Start and end screencast recording
  • Ctrl+Alt+D: Show desktop and raise windows back
  • Ctrl+Alt+Right/Left arrow: Switch between workspaces
  • Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right/Left arrow: Move the current window to a different workspace

If you need a quick and handy reference for the keyboard shortcuts, they can be found in the keyboard settings window, which can found by searching for keyboard in the overlay.

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