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From the author of Habits and Practices That Decrease Interaction and Visibility

Habits and Practices That Decrease Interaction and Visibility

As I said, try to stay positive and post things people will like. Avoid the negative side of topics. If you do have to bring up a negative topic, then also present the solution and ask them if they agree with it. “Click like if you think this is a good solution.”

Some newer findings suggest that the best ways to post are on the actual Facebook website and with official Facebook mobile apps. Posts from other custom publishing services like HootSuite and CoTweet consistently get lower visibility. It’s rumored that Facebook has a whitelist for custom publishers and these are treated well, but that all others suffer from lower visibility.

Conclusion: Visibility, Interaction, and Success

Odds are you didn’t get a Facebook page just to interact with people. You may have if you’re in customer service. And if you are, you may be reassured that few people will see any negative comments posted on your Facebook page. But for most Facebook purposes, you have to be visible to fans to achieve whatever your real goal is: sales, marketing, PR, or reputation management. Increase the interaction of your fans with your posts and you’ll stay visible and then you can achieve your other goals with Facebook.

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