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Find Job Postings and Read Help Wanted Ads

While you'll often find the best jobs by personally networking with people you know, many job seekers rely on responding to job postings and help wanted ads to secure new employment. If you opt to take this approach, timing is essential. As soon as a new job opening is advertised that you're qualified to fill, respond to that ad immediately. If you wait more than 24 hours, chances are dozens or even hundreds of other applicants will have already responded to that ad.

Using your iPad, you can subscribe to the digital edition of a major daily newspaper in your city, and read Help Wanted ads directly on your tablet, or you can access a service such as The Monster Board (Monster.com), which offers an ever-changing and easily searchable database of job openings from employers throughout the world.

Many of these online-based job search sites also have iPhone or iPad apps, including The Monster Board, which has the free Monster.com Jobs for iPad app.

The Monster.com Jobs for iPad app allows you to access your free Monster.com account from anywhere; you can then search, view, and apply for jobs. You can create and store multiple versions of your electronic resume and cover letters as part of your account, and then customize them to specific jobs you apply for through the service.

Using your iPad's GPS functionality, you can even perform a search for job openings based on your geographic area, as well as use specific keywords or search phrases to narrow down the search. Using the Alerts feature, Monster.com will notify you when job openings are posted that you might be interested in.

With the help of your iPad and the Monster.com For iPad app, finding almost any type of job has never been easier. The Monster.com service, and others like it that are accessible via your tablet, also allow you to perform company or industry-specific research to help you prepare for a job interview or determine what type(s) of jobs you're most qualified to fill.

Another free online resource that's available via Safari is the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which is an online database and guide published by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics.

This free website allows you to research almost any job title or industry in seconds, plus determine the training and education needed, what the earning potential for the job is, what the future job prospects are like, what typical job responsibilities include, and what working conditions are like for people who currently hold that job or position.

The entire database and guide are keyword searchable, or you can use it as a reference tool to learn about career opportunities in specific fields, and at the same time read useful job search tips relevant to that industry.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook website can be used as a tool for matching up your skills, education, and qualifications with possible job opportunities in a wide range of industries that you might not otherwise have realize existed.

Although this site does not list specific job openings or Help Wanted ads, it is ideal for performing industry research and accessing current and accurate data about such things as average salaries associated with specific job titles (based on geographic region and other factors).

Ultimately, your best bet for finding a new, high-paying job is to creatively market your skills, education, experience, professional accomplishments, and personality.

Using your iPad to create a powerful resume and cover letter are important first steps in this process, but it's equally important to focus your attention on applying for jobs you're actually qualified to fill, and to perform well in a job interview situation so that you stand out from the other applicants.

Finally, with your iPad 2 in-hand when you participate in interviews, you can demonstrate to perspective employers that you're on the cutting edge by using today's technology to your utmost advantage in order to stay informed, organized, and productive.

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