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More-Advanced Photo Editing Is Possible Using Third-Party Apps

If you haven't yet upgraded your iPhone 4 or iPad 2 to iOS 5, or you're interested in utilizing more-advanced editing capabilities, check out some of the optional third-party photography apps currently available from the App Store.

From your device, launch the App Store app. Tap the Categories icon displayed at the bottom of the screen and then select the Photography category. Or from the Search field within the App Store, use the search phrase "photo editing" to find a handful of powerful apps.

The following three sections show powerful yet easy-to-use photo editing apps.

CameraBag ($1.99)

This hybrid iPhone/iPad app allows you to bypass the Camera app and shoot digital images from directly within this app. You can then preview your images and add any of 14 special effects or filters to them. It's also possible to load images into the CameraBag app that were shot using the Camera app or transferred into your iOS device.

Each effect available from CameraBag will dramatically alter the appearance of your image in seconds. For example, you can quickly make a photo look like it was shot using a 35mm camera in 1962 or 1972, or add an effect that automatically enhances or alters the colors of an image.

Photogene ($2.99)

This iPad-specific app allows you to do professional-level editing on your tablet's screen. In addition to cropping, rotating, adjusting, retouching, and enhancing images, you can also add text-based captions, frames, border effects, and other visual enhancements to your photos.

For example, this app offers 11 different image filters that you can use to alter an image with a single tap on the screen. Or by using the Retouches tool, you can fix blemishes on the face of someone within a portrait or remove an unwanted object from a photo. You can also adjust the colors and white balance of a shot using a series of finger-controlled sliders.

Snapseed ($4.99)

This advanced photo editing tool is easy to use, but allows you to quickly incorporate a handful of extremely impressive visual effects to your digital photos. You can also crop images, transform them into black and white, add frames and borders, or manually adjust the focus of an image after it's been shot.

The majority of effects can be controlled by sliding your finger around on the screen using a proprietary interface that's intuitive. The visual effects you can create, however, go from subtle enhancements to extremely dramatic alterations to an image.

To access free video tutorials for generating professional-quality results using this powerful app, visit http://www.niksoftware.com/snapseed.

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