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Editing Photos Using the iOS 5 Edition of the Photos App

After selecting a single image to view in full-screen mode, tap on the Edit icon to access the Edit commands. Upon tapping on the Edit command icon, the following command icons will be displayed on the screen:

  • Rotate: Tap on this icon once to rotate the image counter-clockwise by 90-degrees.
  • Enhance: Instantly sharpen the photo and make the colors within it more vibrant. You should notice a dramatic improvement in the visual quality, lighting, detail and sharpness of your image.
  • Red-Eye: If the human subject(s) in your photo are exhibiting signs of red-eye as a result of using a flash, tap on the Red-Eye icon to digitally remove this unwanted discoloration in your subject's pupils.
  • Crop: Tap on this icon to crop the image and reposition your subject within the frame. If you forgot to incorporate the Rule of Thirds while shooting a photo, you can sometimes compensate by cropping a photo. You can also cut away unwanted background or zoom in on your subject, based on how you crop it. When the crop grid appears, position your finger in any corner or side of the grid to determine how you'll crop the image. When you're done, tap on the Crop icon to confirm your changes.
  • Revert To Original: Tapping on this icon will instantly remove all your edits and return the photo to its original appearance.
  • Undo: The last edit you made to the image will be undone, but any other edits will remain intact.
  • Save: After you've used the various editing commands to edit or enhance your image, tap the Save command to save your changes.
  • Cancel: Exit out of the photo editing mode of the Photos app without making any changes to the photo you're viewing.
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