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From the author of Using iCloud

Using iCloud

If you haven't heard about iCloud, you just haven't been to the Apple website lately. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The logic behind iCloud is brilliant, and it is my opinion that iCloud is going to herald in a new age of computing.

Apple has taken the task of syncing all your devices away from the Mac and made iCloud the centralized location for syncing all your devices. Now every Apple device you own will continually be up to date with the latest calendars, contacts, photos, music, applications, files, and so on.

When using iCloud, you'll appreciate how Lion is programmed to work effortlessly with it. All the iCloud-enabled apps work seamlessly in Lion, and by this I mean they automatically push data to the iCloud and pull data down from the iCloud to keep your devices in sync. You don't have to initiate anything, set up a schedule for syncing, nothing! You don't have to lift your little finger.

In an article like this, I just don't have enough room to tell you about all the great things in Lion[md]about the new look and function of Mail; the convenient way to transfer files via Wi-Fi with AirDrop; the new capabilities in apps such as Photo Booth, QuickTime Player, and Safari; the new applications such as the App Store and Face Time.

So I must close with an apology and refer you to my new book for more information. Using Mac OS X Lion is available from Pearson Education in print and online versions at http://www.quepublishing.com.

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