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We see a lot of companies that have their Internet marketing initiatives (such as paid search and organic search) well underway, but still have room for improvement. But how and where to improve?

The heart of getting real traction out of your Internet marketing program is to tie marketing and sales data together, with metrics. Track what you're doing, track the impact, and track the resulting sales. You'll learn more about what works, or doesn't, for your company.

In addition, take these lessons learned to heart:

  • The customer is king, and is your top priority when making website management decisions.
  • Be aware of the buying process, and address the needs of your website visitors accordingly.
  • Work to break down those organizational silos; get marketing, sales, and website teams talking with one another.
  • Don't reinvent the wheel, use off-the-shelf software and spend your energy and money elsewhere on your website projects.
  • Find out what's working and abandon what isn't.
  • Reevaluate your keywords in the eyes of your potential customers, not your marketing copywriter or product development manager.
  • Check for mismatches in paid search campaigns between ads and actual search keywords.
  • Get the basic fundamentals right, before jumping into an exciting new area (like social media).
  • To create a good call to action on a landing page or elsewhere in your website, bigger really is better.
  • Work on adding and improving your website content and continuing to recruit new inlinks to your website as much as possible; they will both make a big impact in the long run.
  • At every step, design your website for both search engine spiders (crawlers) and people.
  • Small businesses should take a few extra precautions to discourage website hacking.
  • Add money to the website budget to market the website itself, not just to design and build it.
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