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From the author of Key #5: Your App Must Get Top Rated Reviews!

Key #5: Your App Must Get Top Rated Reviews!

One of the things I have found is that all successful apps—and games in particular—must get a top billing on some review site that is well regarded in the industry.

Touch Arcade (http://www.toucharcade.com) is one the top game review sites in which a number of game apps have been launched into stardom. It's very difficult to get a review on this site, but when it happens, your app has a much higher chance of going viral.

Seek to get reviews by top sites, blogs, and magazines at all costs. A positive review from a well-known site can make all the difference for an independent developer. Once you have that review, be sure to post excerpts from it on your product web site and at the top of your App Store description.

There you have it; five keys to creating and marketing a blockbuster app. Black swans don't come around all the time, but when they do, let's hope your app is ready to take flight.

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