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Like this article? We recommend Sid Meier's Pirates! (Action Adventure)

Sid Meier's Pirates! (Action Adventure)

Yet another game previously released on other platforms, but oddly at home on the iPad, Pirates! allows you to live out all of your swashbuckling fantasies as you lead a pirate ship to wenches, booty, and glory. On your way across the high seas, you'll engage in naval warfare, take down other pirates with your steely cutlass, and maybe dance a jig or two with various ladies. Twenty-seven different customizable ships are available for all your plundering needs, and if you raise your profile high enough, you can find and take on famous pirates such as Blackbeard and Henry Morgan. Sure, you may have played it before, but for seven bucks, who can resist the siren song of the sea?

Figure 8 Sid Meier's Pirates is a classic Mac, PC, and home console game that's found new life on the iPad. Yar!

For a platform that once was seen as nothing but a repository for oversized iPhone games, the iPad has hit its stride as a gaming platform on its own. The initial investment may be higher than other portable gaming options, but the wide variety of inexpensive yet full-featured games, combined with the platform's inherent accessibility, makes the iPad an excellent choice for gaming fans of all ages and skill levels.

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