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Like this article? We recommend Hunters: Episode One HD (Strategy)

Hunters: Episode One HD (Strategy)

Hunters HD, pictured earlier, is a turn-based strategy game that puts you in charge of a company of mercenaries that travel the galaxy, accepting contracts to protect whoever needs protection and kill whoever needs killing. Before each mission, you pick your squad mates, each with their own armor level, number of action points, weapon proficiency, and special move.

As the missions unfold, tactical awareness becomes as much of an asset as picking the right squad because it is extremely easy to move the wrong hunter into the wrong room and get a dead squad mate for your troubles. As you accept and finish contracts, your squad gets better and better, leading to more challenging contracts.

The game's turn-based style fits the iPad well and is perfect for mobile gaming, allowing for a turn or two while waiting at the doctor's office or the bus stop. Plus, the game looks and sounds great. Fans of the old PC strategy game X-COM owe it themselves to check this one out.

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