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World of Goo (Puzzle)

Originally available on the PC and the Nintendo Wii as a downloadable title, World of Goo is a game about, well, goo. Little black blobs of the stuff, to be precise. Your job is to connect the blobs of goo together to build structures that bring the blobs from their starting point to a set of suction pipes. Once in the pipes, the goo is transported to the World of Goo Corporation, where they're used for various products.

Figure 7 World of Goo may sound weird, and it is, but it's also addicting as all get out.

As you progress through the levels, more goo ball variations pop up, which allow for more elaborate structures, but with corresponding increases in obstacles and difficulty. The game has an extremely charming vibe, and the goo balls have a tremendous amount of personality, resulting in a game that draws you in more than your usual puzzler. The fact that it is absolutely gorgeous doesn't hurt, either.

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