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Like this article? We recommend Infinity Blade (Action)

Infinity Blade (Action)

Infinity Blade, pictured earlier in this article, is a game designed around repetition and incremental improvements. You play an armored warrior looking to slay the God King in retaliation for the death of your father. Along your journey, you face various swordsmen and soldiers, using the iPad's touch screen to slash your enemy and cast spells as well as dodge, block, and parry their own attacks. Upon making it to the God King, you fight, and if you die, and you will die, your successor takes the same journey you did.

As you progress through the game, your enemies get tougher, but every aspect of your character can gain in power, from your warrior to his helm and sword. Best of all, the experience gained while on the journey stays with you, even if you die before reaching the God King, allowing you to restart slightly better off than before.

The game uses the Unreal engine that has been powering PC and console games for years and looks absolutely stunning on the iPad 2. A steady stream of free updates has added plenty of new armaments and an online mode, making this game a fantastic deal for the six dollar investment.

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