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Blawg Roundup

Legal weblogs (blawgs) can be grouped into four categories:

  • Law school blawgs

  • Intellectual property blawgs

  • Practical advice blawgs

  • Individual lawyers' blawgs

The following sections list my favorite sites in each category.

Law School Blawgs

These weblogs are hosted at law schools or by faculty members, and track developments in the law related to intellectual property and personal rights in the digital era.

Intellectual Property Blawgs

Intellectual property weblogs cover information related to copyrights, patents, and trademarks as well as information privacy issues, and examine how developments in the law affect business and consumers.

Practical Advice Blawgs

Practice advice weblogs inform lawyers about technology developments that are useful in the practice of law. Fortunately, many of these developments are also applicable to other businesses.

Individual Lawyers' Blawgs

Even lawyers aren't "all work all the time." These weblogs represent selections from attorneys who blog regularly, and provide entertaining or interesting reading material.

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