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I Am Not a Lawyer, But I Read Their Blogs

In addition to the handful of blogs I've mentioned so far, a number of blogs are written specifically for an audience of other attorneys. These blogs often catalog news stories about issues related to intellectual property law, and although at times they can be very specific and detailed about legal issues, often the issues that they're tackling have a much broader appeal to IT professionals and geeks alike.

Take for example Electronic Discovery and Evidence. This blog is geared toward educating attorneys about cases involving new types of electronic discovery, or the impact of technologies on evidence in lawsuits. Why is this important to the IT manager? How many of your employees are now using instant messaging (IM) to communicate throughout the day? Did you know that, much like email, those IM log files can be used as evidence? Or what about the use of browser history files and caches as evidence in a lawsuit? Knowing what information can later be used for or against you in a court of law is valuable to any organization.

Another good example along the same lines is the Digital Practice of Law blog. This blog is geared toward making attorneys aware of new developments in technology that can aid their practices. However, there's nothing to stop you from taking advantage of the technology showcased here, even if you're not an attorney. The site varies in content, from articles about knowledge-management software, to how to search for criminal records online, to the impact of spyware.

Another of my personal favorites is PDF for Lawyers, which is not updated nearly as often as it should be. Lawyers deal with a staggering number of documents, and PDF for Lawyers details how attorneys can get the most out of Adobe's PDF format. As someone who deals with a lot of IT documentation, I've found several great ideas in this blog about using PDFs more effectively.

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