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West Coast Style

With the center of the American computing industry in California, it simply wouldn't make sense if there weren't a West Coast equivalent to the Berkman Center. And there is, at Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society. The CIS director and founder is none other than Larry Lessig, who is also the driving force behind Creative Commons. The center also boasts Executive Director Jennifer Granick, well-known defense attorney for some notable hackers.

The CIS blog, Traceroutes, is more focused on legal issues dealing with personal rights than specific intellectual property issues, but is still a great resource for cases and decisions that affect anyone leading a digital lifestyle.

Finally, there's Prof. Lawrence Lessig's blog, which is a mixture of legal issues and politics with a wealth of information related to Creative Commons, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and the Free Software Foundation (FSF). As with most personal blogs, this one is a mix of on-topic information and personal opinion. But when it comes to Internet and copyright, Lessig is an expert in the field.

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