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Caring for Your NOOK Color's Battery

Your NOOK Color uses a high-tech battery called a lithium polymer battery. Unlike older rechargeable batteries, your NOOK Color's battery doesn't suffer from a charge "memory." However, you should still follow some basic rules to maximize the life of your battery:

  1. Try to avoid fully discharging your battery. Recharge it when it gets down to about 20% or so. Although charging it repeatedly is not necessarily a bad thing, the battery seems to function optimally if you charge it only when it drops down toward that 20% area.
  2. To maximize battery life, turn off Wi-Fi and leave it off.
  3. Avoid high heat. Reading in sunlight is fine, but avoid storing your NOOK Color near a heat source.
  4. If storing your NOOK Color for a long period (a week or more), charge the battery to about 50% rather than giving it a full charge.

By following these steps, your NOOK Color's battery should last years. If you do need to replace the battery, contact B&N Customer Service.

Charging Your NOOK Color's Battery

You can charge your NOOK Color's battery either by plugging your NOOK Color into your computer's USB port or by plugging your NOOK Color into a wall outlet using the supplied AC adapter. Plugging your NOOK Color into a wall outlet charges the NOOK Color more quickly.

When You Are Not Reading

When you finish reading, you should let your NOOK Color go to sleep instead of turning it off. You can force the NOOK Color to sleep by pressing and quickly letting go of the Power button.

By leaving your NOOK Color on with Wi-Fi on, it will occasionally download content from B&N such as subscription content and any books that you purchase from the B&N website. When you're ready to start reading again, simply press and release the power switch at the top of your NOOK Color to wake it up. Alternatively, you can press the Home button.

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