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The Lost Manuscripts

It is known that Lindsay was working on a second book at the time of his death. He had mentioned the work to people, and a partial manuscript has been discovered by family members. This book was to address time intervals of a much longer duration than the intervals Lindsay identified in his earlier work.

Lindsay developed what he called the M-Pattern of history (see Figure 2.1). He wrote that the method would not predict actual events, but rather, "A way has been found however, to forecast the conditions which make a certain type of event probable at a given time." 2 In the case of wars, his method would not predict that a war would occur, only which side was the likely winner. This assumes events within certain periods.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1 M-Pattern.

"There is no sure way of deciding that a specific event of prime importance will take place, such as a war between the major powers. If such a development is coming at all, however, the record implies that it will occur at one of the time periods which are calculable in advance."3

When projecting international events, the timing of one country must be synchronized with that of another, and the two governments must have unusual relations within this time period—that is, relations that go beyond the routine.

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