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This section provides recommendations for troubleshooting DR-related problems.

Log Files

In the event of DR failures, examine the following log files:

  • Domain log file: /var/adm/messages

  • SC log files:

  • $SMSLOGGER/<domain_id>/console*
  • Dump files: /var/opt/SUNWSMS/adm/<<domain_id>/dump/*

Most of the DR-related drivers and daemons in Sun Fire 15K/12K systems do not have the debug option compiled as part of the binaries, hence turning on debug and logging option can not be done in the field. Debugged drivers and daemons are only obtainable from engineering through a PTS escalation.

Online Java™ Help

The scdrhelp shell script starts the Sun Fire 15K/12K DR error messages help system containing error descriptions and recovery procedures for error messages. The DR error message help system covers DR errors from the following categories:

  1. DCS-related errors:

    • DCS general errors

    • DCS network errors

    • DCS request errors

    • DCS session errors

  2. DR driver-related errors:

    • dr driver errors

    • drmach driver errors

  3. Plug-in related errors:

    • Configuration errors

    • Hardware errors

    • Library errors

If a DR operation aborts and displays an error message, the error message help system is a good place to start for getting help in resolving the issue.

The DR error message help system is started on the SC with the following command:

% /opt/SUNWSMS/jh/scdrhelp/scdrhelp &

FIGURE 2 shows an example screen snapshot of the DR error message help system.

Figure 2FIGURE 2 DR Error Message Help System

SunSolve OnlineSM Help

SunSolve OnlineSM is a Sun tool and help system that provides search information, knowledge, known problems, and patch service. When troubleshooting DR-related problems, consult and research SunSolve Online for known problems, alerts, and infodocs. This resource is another avenue that can assist you when troubleshooting DR-related problems.

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