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Using a Hosts File to Block Spyware-Infected Hosts

A simple yet effective way of blocking spyware-infected servers is to add them to a host file. Creating a host file is straightforward. Open up a text editor, and type the following at the very top of the text file: Localhost

Now, you can add the spyware-infected hosts underneath, like this: iads.adroar.com lists.adroar.com advertisingvision.com

After a good list of adware servers has been made, save the file as hosts (not hosts.txt, just hosts). Place this file in the appropriate directory:

Windows XP


Windows 2K


Win 98\ME


When a computer tries to go to the malware-infected server, the hosts file will block it. Instead of going to the intended server, the server address will point locally, rendering the spyware useless (or blocking spyware from infecting the computer from a remote location). You can download an excellent hosts file here: It has a huge database of spyware, malware, and parasitic servers and will become a valuable asset in any system admins arsenal of protection.

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