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About the Authors

Dr. Holger Leister, Ph.D.

Dr. Holger Leister works as server consultant for Sun in Frankfurt, Germany and has been assigned to projects throughout Europe and the US. His primary focus is on high-end server technology, in particular the Sun Fire 15K/12K, Sun Fire x800, and Sun Enterprise 10000 servers. In the past five years, Holger has been involved in numerous mission-critical installation projects at strategic customer sites. Also, he proved his technical knowledge working as a "fire fighter" in numerous high-end server escalations.

Holger received a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Saarland, Germany, where he was involved in the design of superscalar microprocessors and the development of a massively parallel, uniform memory access, shared memory, 64-way computer.

Daniel Ellison

Dan Ellison has been working in the high performance computing industry for over 20 years, beginning with Control Data Corporation working on Cyber 7xx systems, then 15 years with Cray Research, Inc. working as international technical support on mainframe super computer systems. In 1996, when Cray research was purchased by Silicon Graphics, Inc., Daniel was working on the CS6400 and Starfire systems at Cray Research, Inc. SuperServers in San Diego. As a result of the acquisition, CRI SuperServers was sold to Sun Microsystems, Inc. providing Sun with their first mainframe class high-end server, the Sun Enterprise 10000. During the past eight years at Sun Microsystems, he has authored several papers related to the practical use of Sun's high-end systems in the data center. His experience with our customers and how they run their data centers is extensive.

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