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Understand the Visitor Area of Your Joomla Site

This visitor area is why you build your site. It shows all the information that you want to share with people.

Your visitor area looks similar to Figure 3.12.

Figure 3.12

Figure 3.12 The visitor area of your Joomla site

Every Joomla page is put together using several types of extensions. Currently you're able to see two types of extensions, modules and templates:

  • Template: Beez2. You're currently using this blue and white design.
  • Module: Breadcrumbs. Remember the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale? They used a trail of breadcrumbs to find their way home. The small You are here: Home text shows where you are on the site.
  • Module: Main Menu. This menu links to information about your site.
  • Module: Login Form. This allows people to log in and to also register and recover lost account details.

All these items in your visitor area can be modified, moved, or replaced from your administrator area.

Earlier in this chapter we saw that the administrator area is where you change your site. Now that we've seen that the visitor area is what you change on your site, let's go and actually make our first changes.

To make changes, we need to go the administrator area. To do this, add /administrator to your site's URL or click on your bookmark for the Joomla administrator area.

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