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Understand the Two Areas of a Joomla Site

Every Joomla Web site has two areas: a public area for visitors and a private area for administrators.

Visitor Area

Absolutely everything you want visitors to see on your site can be accessed from here.

You can always access the visitor area simply by visiting the Web address where you installed Joomla. You should see the same Web site as in Figure 3.1.

Figure 3.1

Figure 3.1 The visitor area of your Joomla site

Administrator Area

The other half of your Joomla site is the private area for administrators. Absolutely everything you want to change about your site can be changed from here. It is the Control Panel of your site, where you go to add content, create navigation, or modify your site layout.

This area is always accessible by adding /administrator/ to your site's home page. So if your site was http://joomlaexplained.com/joomlaville, you'd add /administrator to visit http://joomlaexplained.com/joomlaville/administrator.

You see a login screen like the one in Figure 3.2. Enter the username and password you created in Chapter 2, "Joomla Installations Explained," during the final stages of installing your site.

Figure 3.2

Figure 3.2 The administrator login for your Joomla site

If you've lost those details already (pay more attention at the back), you can click Go to Site Home Page and then click either Forgot Your Password? or Forgot Your Username? on the left-hand side.

Once you've logged in, you are taken to the screen in Figure 3.3. This is your top secret headquarters. This is the main Control Panel for your entire site. Absolutely everything you want to change about your site can be changed from here.

Figure 3.3

Figure 3.3 The administrator area of your Joomla site

In this chapter you get an overview of both areas of your Joomla site, and we start right here in the administrator area.

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