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From the author of Using Unity as a Power User

Using Unity as a Power User

The most common question heard from power users is “What are the keyboard shortcuts?” Power users eschew using a mouse whenever possible because they don't want to take their hands off of the keyboard unless absolutely necessary; doing so slows them down.

As an introduction for the power user, I will conclude this article with a list of some of the keyboard shortcuts that power users are most likely to love, and then a couple of links for further study. The first shortcut was mentioned earlier.

  • Use the Special key (a.k.a., the Windows key) to open Shortcuts. Click Esc to close Shortcuts without selecting anything in it.
  • Use Special+A to open Applications. Click Esc to close Applications without selecting anything in it.
  • Use Special+F to open Files & Folders. Click Esc to close Files & Folders without selecting anything in it.
  • Use Special+T to open the trash can.
  • Use Alt+F1 to move the focus to the Launcher. Use the arrow keys to move the focus up and down to the icon that represents the program you want to open, and click Enter to launch it.
  • Use Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal window.
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