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Editing Images on Your iPhone 4 or iPad 2

Neither the Camera nor Photos app built in to your phone or tablet allow you to edit images after they've been shot. However, there are many third-party apps available from the App Store designed for this purpose.

Some of these apps are very simplistic. For example, you tap on an icon to add a certain effect to your image. Others apps, like Photogenie for the iPad ($2.99, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/photogene-for-ipad/id363448251?mt=8), are far more sophisticated and offer editing features and functions that rival photo editing software on your Mac or PC.

The optional CameraBag app ($1.99) for the iPhone (http://www.nevercenter.com/camerabag/iphone) or iPad (http://www.nevercenter.com/camerabag/ipad), for example, allow you to instantly add any of 14 effects to an image with a tap of an icon, and then save that image, or email it from within the app. Shown in Figure 3 is a sample image using CameraBag's Infrared effect, while Figure 4 showcases the "Instant" (Polaroid picture) effect.

Figure 3 This Infrared effect can be added to any image using the CameraBag app. (iPhone version shown.)

Figure 4 Make your digital image look like an old-fashioned Polaroid photo using the "Instant" effect offered by the CameraBag app. (iPhone version shown.)

The $3.99 Pencil Sketch Color HD app for the iPad 2 takes any image stored on your tablet and transforms it into what looks like a hand-drawn sketch. You can even choose the simulated paper or background that the sketch is displayed on. (The iPhone version of this app sells for $1.99.)

Figure 5 Transform any digital image into what looks like a hand-drawn sketch using the simple but powerful Pencil Sketch Color HD app. (iPad version shown.)

From the App Store, you'll also find a handful of apps made specifically for shooting and creating stunning panoramic images using the cameras built into your iPhone or iPad. They allow you to capture vast landscape or cityscape shots using a series of regular shots that the app automatically edits together.

TripStitch—Panoramic Image Stitcher ($3.99, http://itunes.apple.com/app/tripstitch-panoramic-image/id297251753?mt=8) is one app for this purpose available for the iPhone and iPad.

To find, purchase, and download other photo editing apps available from the App Store, launch the App Store app on your device, or use iTunes on your main computer to access the App Store. From the app Categories option, select Photography.

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