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From the author of SONAR Content Distribution ModelTM

SONAR Content Distribution ModelTM

SONAR marketing is based on my wildly successful and highly acclaimed SONAR Content Distribution Model, which focuses on taking content from relevant locations and synchronization the dissemination of that content in targeted channels on the Web. And bonus, those channels are FREE!

Think of SONAR as article marketing on steroids. Each letter in SONAR represents five of the organic online channels:

  • S syndicate partners, content syndication networks, user generated content sites
  • O online press releases
  • N network (social) communities
  • A article directories
  • R relevant posts to blogs, forums and message boards (also known as ‘guerrilla marketing’)

SONAR is powerful, proven, and easy. It also is based on real-life results and tactics…not just theory.

When using recycled content for bonus reports, understand your overall goal and audience. Then repurpose the report around that. For instance, if you have a free report, you don’t want to give away too much information, but you want it to be useful. Keep the content on a macro level and the page count around 5-10 pages. If you’re creating a paid report, keep the information micro and include specific details, recommendations, or figures that are valuable to the reader. Make sure the report is truly meaty and not just fluff. Keep the page count at an impressive level, around 25-50 pages, but not too many pages, as most people don’t like to read .pdfs on their computer over 50 pages or want to spend the ink it takes to print out those pages.

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