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From the author of Choosing What's Free and What's Paid

Choosing What's Free and What's Paid

Remember to keep your free content such as bonus reports or white papers on a “macro” level. Typically, these documents are general in nature and “tease” the reader for a cross-sell product. Total page count is around 5-10 pages. Ideal usage for this type of report is incentive for lead generation (email collection) efforts.

Save the “micro” level information—the how to, details, or recommendations—for the paid products. This is your exclusive content that contains information of substance and quantifiable value.

You can get a long shelf-life with the right content and slice and dice it for various segments of your database.

If you have video or audio content, make sure to review to make sure the information, although may be old, is still viable and relevant to your target audience. Review the footage and see what nuggets of information are timeless and useful. When looking or listening to content, keep an eye out for things that may reduce the timeliness or value of the content, such as references to specific dates or times, references to specific news events that may date the piece, uses of figures or data that may be outdated. If the content appears to be evergreen, have a transcript made so you have an easy resource that can be edited and enhanced.

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