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From the author of Create a Company Page

Create a Company Page

In order to create a Company Page, you must have a valid company email address and verify that you're an official representative with the right to act on behalf of that company. If you're creating a page for your own company, you have no problem. If you work for a larger organization, first verify that no page already exists by doing a company search (select Companies, Search Companies from the global navigation bar) and then confirm that you have the authority to create this page. Most companies assign this to the Marketing Department, but this can vary.

To create a page for your company, click the Companies link on the global navigation bar. Next, click the Add a Company link at the top of the Companies page to open the Add a Company page, shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Add a Company Page for your company to gain visibility among LinkedIn's vast worldwide audience.

After entering your company email address and verifying your right to create the page, LinkedIn prompts you to view the confirmation sent to the email address you entered on the Add a Company page. You must verify your identity and your company before LinkedIn allows you to finish your page.

From here, you can start adding content to your page. LinkedIn marks all required content with a red asterisk. Anything else is optional. In general, the more content your page contains, the better your results.

On your Company Page, you can

  • Enter basic company data, such as your company type, size, URL, and location.
  • Add standard (100x60 pixels) and square (50x50 pixels) logos. The square logo will appear in network updates.
  • Enter a company description.
  • Add company specialties, which are keywords that enable prospective customers to find your company in search results.
  • Enter your Twitter ID and company blog feed to display social content on your page.
  • Choose whether or not to share company news from traditional news sources.
  • Specify who has the authority to update your page: all employees or only designated employees. In general, it's best to limit the number of people who have the authority to control your company's LinkedIn presence.

After you create your page, you can find it again at http://www.linkedin.com/company/yourcompanyname. For example, you can find the Pearson Education page at http://www.linkedin.com/company/pearson-education.

LinkedIn links employees automatically with the Company Page of the employers that they list on their personal profiles. To link a new Company Page to your profile, add a new position and select your company from the Company Name drop-down list on the Add Position page.

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