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From the author of Using the NOOK Friends App

Using the NOOK Friends App

NOOK Friends is, to quote B&N, “the place for people who love to share their love for reading!” Here, you can connect with friends to lend and borrow books, see what your friends have been doing, and other things.

You access the NOOK Friends app by tapping Apps from the Quick Nav Bar. Then tap NOOK Friends. You are already set up with an account. The NOOK Friends screen is divided into Friends’ Activities, NOOK Friends, LendMe, and About Me.

Friends’ Activities displays what your friends have been reading, what they are recommending, how far along they are in a book, etc.

NOOK Friends displays the friends you have, any requests to become a NOOK friend, and requests for NOOK friends you have sent. If you tap one of your friend’s names, you see a screen that show which of their books are available to borrow. Tap Requests when someone requests to be your NOOK friend, which you can accept or decline. Tap Sent to see which NOOK friends requests you have sent.

To send a request to become a NOOK friend, tap the plus button. The Add NOOK Friends screen appears (see Figure 12).

Figure 12 The Add NOOK Friends screen.

All Contacts displays to see all of your contacts. Tap Invite to invite that contact, and they are sent an email as well as see the request on their NOOKcolor. Tap Suggested to see a filtered list of your contacts for which B&N knows already has a B&N account. You can also add a new contact by tapping Add New. Enter her first and last name and the email address. Leave the Invite as NOOK friend check box marked to send that contact a request to become a NOOK friend. Tap Save to send the request and save the contact.

Tap About Me to see information about you (see Figure 13).

Figure 13 The NOOK Friends About Me screen.

This screen shows you the number of your NOOK friends, NOOKbooks owned, and NOOKbooks recommended. You also see a list of your recent activity (and what your NOOK friends see in their Friends’ Activities screen).

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