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From the author of Win/Loss Sparklines

Win/Loss Sparklines

The third type of sparkline is called Win/Loss. This sparkline shows an upward facing marker for positive values and a downward facing value for negative values. Zero values get no marker.

This type of chart allows you to focus on trends. There are many uses, such as stock market direction.

It can be used to track how many bids have been won over a certain period of time.

Win/Loss can be used to track a sports season. The following figure shows one of the most famous pennant races in baseball.

Win/Loss can be used to track if something happened in a given time period. The following figure shows whether an artist had a hit in the Hot 100 for each year over five decades:

To create a win/loss chart, you will probably have to use formulas to convert your data into 1s and -1s. The stock market win/loss chart used a formula such as that shown in the following figure.

Sparklines are a great idea from Professor Edward Tufte. Microsoft was able to jump on this idea quickly and incorporated it in Excel 2010.

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