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From the author of Adding Shading to Show the Normal Range

Adding Shading to Show the Normal Range

The steps for adding a band of shading are similar to adding a reference line. Follow these steps:

  1. Copy your original data and paste it to a blank section of the worksheet.
  2. Temporarily change the first sparkline to have a value at the bottom of the normal range. This will give you a guide when drawing the rectangle. Change the last sparkline to have a value at the top of the normal range.
  3. Consider using the zoom slider in the lower right to increase the zoom to 200% to help you position the line correctly.
  4. Select Insert, Shapes, Rectangle.
  5. Draw a rectangle using the first and last sparkline as a guide.
  6. While the rectangle is selected, use the Drawing Tools Format ribbon tab. Use the Shape Outline drop-down to choose No Outline. Use the Shape Fill drop-down to choose a new fill color. You still won't be able to see through the rectangle.
  7. Press Ctrl+1 or use the Shape Styles dialog launcher to access the Format Shape dialog box. This dialog offers a transparency slider. Increase the transparency to about 75%. Close the dialog box.
  8. Copy the original data values back to the original data.
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