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From the author of 8. Break All the Rules

8. Break All the Rules

When did rules ever apply to the art of building a personal brand or running a business?

We have rules that have been predestined and applied by business owners, scholars, and business minds throughout the centuries. Rules on innovation and marketing that if applied correctly will help you run a business and build your personal brand.

Times are changing and individuals are scraping to stay ahead of the competition and make a little bit of cash on the side. I am sure you are thinking of typical rules that you apply on a daily basis in your business. What are they? Where did they come from? Why don't you just break them?

What is keeping you from breaking the rules? What is keeping you from adopting a social media strategy that could revolutionize the way you communicate? What is keeping you from starting a blog or starting a Facebook page?

To this I say, break all the rules. Live out your business and revolutionize the way you reach your customers. Empower yourself to defeat fear and rise above the rest. We only play to win.

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