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From the author of 10. Allow Others to Tell the Story for You

10. Allow Others to Tell the Story for You

This may be the more important rule out of all ten. Everyone understands that it is important to effectively tell your story, stick by your promises, build a large network, and be passionate about everything that you do. We know that! However, allowing other people to support your personal brand is one of the more powerful methods of brand building.

Trust is something that needs to happen between two individuals inside a network in order to fully utilize the power of personal branding. You have to trust that the perceptions the network has about your personal brand is true.

You also have to trust that your network can market your personal brand better than you ever could. You have to trust that they understand you and can sell you.

Having a powerful personal brand is limited to our own thoughts and opinions. It is important to understand that everything you do is connected to your brand. The perception of the world (and other people) is extremely important and you can either build up…or down.

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