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Buy Now, or Wait for What's Next?

While the iPad 2 and many of its competitors utilize a 3G wireless data network (as well as Wi-Fi), the next generation of these devices will be 4G-compatible; in fact, some, such as the Dell Streak 7, already are ready for 4G. This new technology allows for a significantly faster web surfing experience. Plus, no doubt we'll soon see dramatic improvements in graphics quality, processing speeds, and the features of the cameras built into many of these devices. Of course, while these future advancements may sound alluring, no device will ever offer a perfect solution for everyone.

As competition and demand heat up for tablet devices, prices for the latest-and-greatest models likely will drop in the months to come. Based on your current needs and desires, choose a tablet that will help you to stay organized, communicate, gather information, remain productive while on the go, and entertain yourself. But keep in mind that you'll probably want or need to upgrade your device to a newer model within a year or two, just to stay current.

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