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Scale Tab

The Scale tab allows one to increase or decrease the size of the tiles depending on the row and column position. The following options are available to scale tiles:

  • Scale X, Scale Y: Scales each tile in terms of percentage. A random factor can be added.

  • Exponent: Scale each tile with an exponential factor. The nominal scaling S becomes Sexponent.

  • Base: Used to create a logarithmic spiral along with Rotation. The nominal scaling S becomes baseS-1 unless base is one in which case scaling remains unchanged. Use a value less than 1 for a converging spiral and a value greater than 1 for a diverging spiral. A true logarithmic spiral would use a base of e = 2.718 (or 1/e = 0.368). See the Tile Tricks section for examples.

  • Alternate: Alternate scaling up and scaling down tiles.

  • Cumulate: Scaling is cumulative.

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